What If a Printer Could Solve the Housing Crisis?

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When I first read about this phenomenal organization, New Story, I was immediately in-tune (and quite blown away) by what they’re tackling:

The quest to end homelessness across the planet, starting in developing countries.

Or, in their words, “To create a world where no human being lives in survival mode.”

Upon first-blush, it’s a daunting mission. But, when technology meshes with imagination and visionary problem-solvers, there’s truly nothing that can’t be accomplished.

First, watch this short video:

Next, learn more about the technology and New Story’s partner, ICON. Together, they’re on a quest to build the world’s first 3D-printed community in El Salvador.

After that?

It all depends on the kind of collective impact we can make.

Learn more about New Story here:

You’ll have links about their vision & purpose, their values & beliefs, financials, and how you can GET INVOLVED.

BusinessInsider.com called 3D Printing “the next trillion-dollar industry.”

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