The 1996 “Incident” That Saddled in Autocratic Control 25 years later

“All tyrannies rule by fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.”

– George Orwell

First on deck, for any of your friends and loves ones oblivious of what martial law tactics look like, this:

Now, let’s unpack this very simply:

Australia, yes the island nation that espouses the ideals of rugged individualism, is now an open militarized prison where citizens are told they can only leave their house for 2 hours during every 24-hour day.

Suspected of having COVID-1984?

Well, for shit’s sake, let’s whisk your nasty ass off into a “quarantine facility” while we coax and strongarm the crap out of you to accept our mRNA “juice” that will, surely, dear unruly one, make you all better.

Before I comment more about the present-day mindset that believes , truly hopes at least, that government officials are here to save the day, let’s step back in time a bit.

The setting

Broad Arrow Cafe in Port Arthur, Tasmania; a historic penal colony that is a popular tourist resort.

The Date

April 28, 1996

The Sociopath

A 28-year old Australian man named Martin Bryant 

The Incident (many to this day say being a ‘false flag operation)

The sociopath (government-trained scapegoat?), caught on April 29th, opened fire on his fellow café lunch patrons. 35 people dead. A semiautomatic rifle makes that easy in close quarters.

The Reaction

Within only weeks of the above incident, the Australian government went on a clean the house full on ban of automatic and semiautomatic firearms. They also destroyed more than 600,000 civilian-owned firearms. It cost them half a billion dollars to enact all this, all without an inkling of resistance from Aussie citizenry.

Fast forward 25 years…

Authorities can ‘compel’ the disarmed Australian citizens to give information and ‘order’ them to undergo medical treatment.

So, the question is…

Did they unwittingly end up trading personal liberties for a safer environment?

Certainly, no one reading the stats can question that Australia has one of the lowest murder rates in the world (then again, so does Serbia yet they have a strong gun culture and fairly liberal laws)…

But, what happens when you have to defend yourself against dictatorial powers who are part of a litmus test against surrender and compliance under the guise of “greater good protection” against an ever-changing boogeyman called COVID?

Up until this year, seeing military personnel deployed to enforce lockdown restrictions, including banning citizens from leaving their country, would only be part of a very dystopian SciFi movie.

But, that’s not the case anymore. It’s becoming a nightmarish reality for Aussies, Kiwis and, to some extent, Canuks too.

In a nightmare where personal health decisions are no longer between you and your doctor, but dictated by the Cabal, who is questioning the narratives?

Where’s the objectivity?

The critical-thinking?

The rage against a machine that rewards the unthinking for parroting fear-ridden stats — stats, numbers and reports that, quite honestly, look like the equivalent of a kindergartener, accidently high from a gummy, created with crayons on a blank chalkboard.

Garbage science is just one of the many side effects of catching a ‘mind virus’ that puts your brain in a trance so deep that you’ll accept and gulp down what The Borg’s media feeds you.

Fortunately, there are more and more of your fellow humans willfully…

Opting Out of the Madness

As mentioned in a recent Bear Bulletin (subscribe below – very bottom of this page), I’m in the middle of creating a sortable rolodex of the courageous men & women putting their reputations and careers on the the line to expose the hoax.

These are caring misfits and renegades ensuring they do their part to help their fellow human’s brains NOT turn into Homer Simpson mush.

Two people who will be listed on my forthcoming Fraud Fighters rolodex are Logan Christopher and Josh Long.

They just published a fireside 90-min chat that, I feel, is worth your time.

Their focus is on the ACTIONS you can take to start setting yourself up for a life that doesn’t look like the one you see in Australia (above). Their talk is about planning, resources and action steps regarding the current state of affairs we’re all part of.

Listen in to avoid being caught up in the authoritarian steamrolling machine:

Here are some of the resources shared in the conversation:

1. Catherine Austin Fitts’s “Solari Report”

2. The White Rose

3. The White Rose Telegram Group

4. The Civilization Collapse Stack post

5. Covid Vaccine Exemption Documents

6. Online Petition against HR 4980

7. Exemption Resources

Note from Barry: In ref to the extensive research about other health options for Covid-19 patients, there is a mountain of evidence that demonstrates that the drug Ivermectin, along with other more natural protocols, is a superior option.

More here… from a friend of a friend living in Nicaragua.

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