It Finally Finishes

First, the feel-good / empowerment-porn trailer…

So, they say (optimum word… say…) the Saga is ending this year (in theaters December 20th).


Somehow, I think they’ll find a way in 2020 for the Saga to strike back. And, 2021?

Return of the Saga?

All kidding aside…

Maybe there is something to this Jedi thing.

This idea that we can all embrace our most uncomfortable circumstances; that we can accept the Dark Side.

In the Journal of the Wills that Luke Skywalker values so much:

“First comes the day, then comes the night. After the darkness, shines through the light. The difference they say is only made right by the resolving of grey by refined Jedi sight.”

Is this about perception? About the Principle of Correspondence and the Law of Polarity?

Greatness and difficulties, pleasure and pain, support and challenge.. they all go hand-in-hand.

Define the latter side in advance, understand why it’s there, and you can stay inspired through them. The difficulties will ensure you you’re on the right track.

[huh? How? – something I’ll be exploring via Manifest Life 2.0. Get on the waiting list HERE…]

But, for today, consider something:

You, like me, are dealing with the Duality of Life β€” i.e., in-out, yes-no, on-off, courage-fear, love-hate, light-dark, etc β€” until you bite the dust .

The nature of reality is that nothing is one-sided; everything (and everybody) contains its opposite.

So use that truth today, my dear precious fan, to be grateful for your most uncomfortable circumstances. Because those are the dark and decrepit emotional places that are showing you what you need to heal.

But, it starts with responsibility (no doubt, right?)

And that requires you FIRST to accept (convicted belief, baaaaaby) that you’re also worth having Jedi-like, super human skills.

Here’s a start:

It’s the story of a Russian psychologist, Vladimir Raikov, who was conducting a secret experiment.

He took a group of mediocre students. And he turned them into Einstein-level geniuses.

All in just 10 minutes.

Check it out… the presentation is fascinating…

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