Can “Ugly” People Get Rich Too?

ugly people getting rich

During one of Kevin O’Leary’s ‘Ask Mr. Wonderful’ Q&A sessions, a young self-conscious chap asks him if he can reach his full potential… even though he has funk on his face.

Here’s O’Leary’s answer (short scoop: don’t let fugly stop you). Below the video is my own twist on the same question.

How ’bout this more critical-thinking answer, as it’s tied into an INNER ugly:

Money certainly may not discriminate based on physical attributes (i.e., someone’s looks); but it, without question, does not like two key personal traits.

Two Inner Traits That Will Prevent You From Getting (and Staying) RICH:

BLAME: It’s a FACT that chemical endorphins in the brain get released when we Homosapiens perceive an “experience” as BAD. And some people are just naturally inclined (developmental trauma and DNA do have a lot to do with it) to get triggered into INTENSE feelings of guilt or shame, thereby producing a type of invisible HIGH.

It’s a subliminal sense of pride almost in knowing there’s somebody (anybody but themselves) OUTSIDE of them that can react to them.

And I say ‘invisible high’ because its totally unlike the HIGH associated with substances, like alcohol or other drugs.

Via INTENSE blame, guilt, or scorn…. we don’t sense that we got HIGH, but the surge of chemical cocktails has occurred in our brains nonetheless and it satiates our need to relieve the uneasy feeling of guilt or shame. It doesn’t matter whether we blame ourselves, or someone else… the result is the SAME:

We produce a position… to PLACE the blame! We manufacture it! We create it!

Our progress in life, just like the quest for greater financial-accumulation, is never predicated upon something outside of us. Instead, it’s an inner-responsibility and set of individual tasks we must own.

FEAR: This is the primary ‘mental’ disease. Once it takes hold of us, it can rob of us of our own free will, our ability to think, our ability to do anything outside of the little-box we scurry into.

Ironically, more times than not, often the very things we want, the very things we desire to experience in our lives, are just on the other side of fear’s phantom door.

For instance, we can use an intimate relationship to [F]orget [E]verything [A]nd [R]un… or… [F]ace [E]verything [A]nd [R]ise.

Fear is high-level resistance, it’s paranoia; It’s a habit of limited belief over an expansion of new understanding.

Fear is the need to make meaning out of something before you truly can ever forge into the unknown (or allow yourself to know what you don’t know)

This ‘F’ monster is about engaging in right versus wrong, and, more important, fear actually creates more pain and suffering because we are closing ourselves off to love, and to our truth strength.

“Yeah, Cool, but I got that two-headed beast in-check,” you say!


Like me, hopefully then your FOCUS in on striving to balance courage & confidence with humility & curiosity.

If so, I might be working closely with you in 2020 to achieve greater time-freedom through a very unique ‘Side-Hustle With Heart!”

If you’re ambitious, with a servant heart, and like being a part of leading-edge movements (as well as building community around holistic wellness, mindfulness and lifestyle design beyond the status quo), click the link above, watch the video in its entirely, then ping me back if you want to talk.

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