Your brain on music…

brain on music

Call me a sentimental sap, if you must… but, when a well-crafted music-movie mashup goes live… I get juiced-up.

Or, as my inner high priest of motivation (Skip Giblet, let’s call him) would ask:

“Ready to get jacked-up, pumped-up, super-excited?”

(Eat your heart out Tony Robbins).

Yeah, yeah, heellll yeaaaaah I am.

Onward to the goods…

Music-Movie Mashup from The Oscars, 02-09-20, called The Impact of Music

If the above montage revved you up, then certainly profiting with weed will too. After all, don’t music and marijuana go hand-in-hand?

Oh wait… Or it is just specific music, for a particular crowd? Parrothead? Anyway, either way, James says THIS is the only Mary Jane stock you’ll ever need!

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