Barry Goss Interviews

Short audio clips from select movers, shakers and rainmakers I’ve interviewed.

I’ve had some very poignant and “real” dialogue with people over the years. This is just a sampling of the over 50 conversations that have been recorded.

With Adam Eason (4:05)

Sparking him to talk about his Wealth Wizard hypnosis audio.

With Amanda Lea Kroetsch (5:14)

Jiving about responsibility, power and gratitude.

With Susie & Otto Collins (4:47)

The finer art of harmonious relationship.

With Leslie Fieger (3:37)

Talking about goal-setting and why big dreams creates big problems.

With Dov Baron (2:44)

Heather & I tag-teaming Dov on positivity, improvement and progress.

Got a project in mind around interviewing experts, leaders, mentors? 🎙

If you like my conversational , barstool (“casual”) style of questioning and want to propose utilizing me as your inquisitive ‘front-man,’ and/or need some help with strategy and logistics around your info-product or interview focused project, shoot me a message…

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