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In today’s Bear’s Bulletin (BB), I’m reflecting on… Power and Personal Choice.

Some say positions of power bring about a deeper level of modesty; of quiet discernment and empathy.

Or, at least the ability to stay true to amiable virtues in the face of both victory and defeat.

Three names which immediately come to mind: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt (the “Big Stick”).

Sadly, however, aren’t we all aware by now that our POTUS leaders in recent memory are nothing more than talking heads?

Mouthpieces, puppeteered by worldview handlers with nothing more than an agenda most of my Dear Readers don’t have the time or stomach to hear about.

Still, I trudge along…

Weeding out my list (intentionally as much as possible) and keeping those who are continually up for a damn good intellectual party, or cognitive-dissonance unraveling.


On that latter note…

One of the most freeing mental exercises I ever went through, about a decade back, was to wipe out any view narrowed through one of two choices: a “blue” lens or a “red” lens.

When you start to see political construction in America beyond a two-party system, you then start seeing how reality isn’t too far removed from fiction (The Matrix).


You’re more easily able to shun The Establishment when it tries to suck you into the madness of their Divide ‘n Conquer politics. You become “presidential” in your own life.

A knowingly self-admitted bumbling linguistic fool, say like our infamous 43rd President, Bush 2.0, then doesn’t really get under your skin.

If, for instance, you were one of the reporters attending The Summit of the Americas on April 21st 2001, and you heard Junior tell you he doesn’t want to answer any questions “neither in French nor in English nor in Mexican,” you would just shrug it off as him just being him:

An irresistible buffoon (think: Homer or Archie Bunker). He’s just acting his part, but WHO he is or WHAT he says wouldn’t really affect YOU!

Same when five years later he told reporters, “I’m the decider and I decide what’s best.” You go Georgie.

Truly, at the end of the day, all POTUS’s are in their “position” to appear as if they have enough credibility and counsel to make you feel they are the supreme ultimate decision maker of the world.


Biden, god rest his waning noggin, just recently went on camera to (try to) give you the same impression: That the US government, through him, has the power to tell you what you must put inside your body.

His delivery was so distasteful and creepy that I truly think he was told to act like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

(oh wait, I think that’s Fauci – crap I keep getting them confused).

Biden basically asked all Americans to abide by his request to get jabbed. If you don’t comply, well dammit Dear Sheep, you’re really nothing more than a brave but rogue Lion who will keep him from saving everybody’s life.

Biden: “This is not about freedom or personal choice.”
We the People: “We know. That’s why we’re cleaning our guns.”


WILL YOU COMPLY? (answer here….)

And if you feel compelled to (or, already have)…. Just remember:

It’s sheep who spend their lives afraid of the lion, yet it’s the shepherd who really slays them all.

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