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So, it seems pissing on the rich is back in vogue. Yet, like all things that “trigger” the very people feeling they have to defend the oppressed, double-standards are often also left for those with lesser virtues and morals.

Case in point…

The Dumbass of The Week

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her "Tax The Rich" $100,000 Dress
A friend of mine riffed how AOC only exists because the average American citizen is so dumped-down that they know no better. Social Media info is their “junk food” for the brain.

For the irony, the hyppcrisy, around a well-paid politican on a SJW quest to villify corporations for doing something that is LEGAL, here’s a few short video reactions you should enjoy:

Reaction 1 (6:21) | Reaction 2 (5:17)

For more on this quagmire of nonsense, check out the over 10,000 comments on this Biden post where he’s bitching about his claim of the top 1% evading taxes.

Go for it; seriously dive into the comments to get a real gauge of how most Americans, including corporations, understand the difference between Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance. The former, yes, illegal. The latter, is our constitutional and patriotic duty.

History folks, history (ref: Boston Tea Party 1773)

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Virus Voodoo
The orchestrated plan, years in the making, to indoctrinate the masses with a boogeyman virus epidemic and vaccinate the world at large.

Why I Moved From Gmail To Hey.com (Video)
The best online email client is the one you enjoy using. Here’s a brief improv view into my Imbox (yes, that was spelled correctly) via Hey.com – the creators of Basecamp.

Do As I Say!
Your “freedom” is in the way. So will you sweep it aside for the greater good, thinking that somehow, someway THEY have the magic cure? Tied to my question on the above post (bolded link), keep the comments here coming….


31 Reasons I Won’t Get Vaccinated
The list was created by the Israeli rabbi Chananya Weissman. There is a lot to consider here.

Broiler Chicken Antitrust Litigation lawsuit
This is weird, a bit disconcerting even, but the bottomline is: If you bought chicken or any chicken products in the U.S. in the last decade, you could be eligible to receive money from a $181 MILLION settlement.

$100M Offers
Recommended by a friend, I just started to crack open this book by Alex Hormozi. It’s all about creating offers so, so irresistible that prospects will be dumbfounded if they even try to say no. Watch out… my next promotion may use some of his advice. ;) Alex and team went from losing money to making $36 for every $1 spent. One readers said it’s the most highlighted book in his library. Time shall tell if that’s the case for me.

Vaccine Repair Protocol
This is is self-explanatory, but I’ll just add in this: When you take extreme ownership of your life, which must include your health (see my Virus Voodoo post if you’ve bitten into the belief there’s a culprit boogeyman out there to kill you), you’ll start to see the benefits in relying on natural cures and supplementation.

7 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power Right Now

From my friends across the pond (in the U.K.), Karl Moore & Andrew Roth, here’s a quick run-down on the actionable things you can do to improve your mental acuity and empower how you feel… well… powerful everyday.


The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (3 Seasons)
Due to this NetFlix series, hosted by award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin, let’s just say I have an eye-opening new fascination for modern architecture.

Hollywood Propaganda (8:20)
How TV, Movies and Music Shape Our Culture. Over 25,000 viewers have liked this Mark Dice video overview of what I often refer to as Empowerment Porn — that anti-male, damn-the-patricarchy drivel and grade-school portrayal of girl power. The commodification of feminism in America has always started with Hollywood. In ref to keeping masculinity alive, here’s a Toast to Men!

JUST MOVE | Documentary (1:01:40)
I dare you to watch the beginning of this documentary (produced by the ever curious Brian Rose from London Real TV)… and NOT be hooked. The body has more feeling, more desire to be nurtured, than you may currently know. And, Ido Portal will make you sure that’s crystal clear.

Inside the Armed Services Committee (10:04)
To see how “wokeness” has infiltrated the US Military, watch this clip. “With war threatening on several fronts, the House Armed Services Committee has a huge responsibility to oversee the defense of this nation—and hopefully deter armed conflict by keeping America strong. But what if enemies of America have penetrated the Armed Services Committee? Trevor Loudon examines that terrifying possibility.”

$20,000 Toward Tuition – by Learning How To Invest

Robinhood is giving 5 people $20,000 toward tuition! If you or someone you know signs up now with an .edu email, we both get an entry, cash reward, and a free stock 🤝 No purchase necessary.


Irresistible Revolution (Paperback)
Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military. In ref to Matthew Lohmeier’s powerful and brave book, you will gain a birds-eye view into the ongoing cultural war and disinformation campaign orchestrated by the Neo-Marxist ideology of the radical far-left and their global influencers.

One fellow veteran writes: “One need only to turn on any cable news channel today to hear about and hear from those Americans who disdain our country’s heritage. What exactly do they desire to accomplish? What would they have in place of the constitutional republic we were designed to be? While their means are on display for us all, this book enlightens the reader by expounding their ends.As a lover of freedom and former active-duty military officer myself, there are parts of this book that turn my stomach.

“Reading about anti-constitution, anti-American propaganda being distributed to our military members through official channels is disheartening. Knowing that good people, like the author, are willing to stand for their oaths despite top-down career pressure leaves me ever-optimistic for the future of American freedom. This is worth your read.”

Deluxe Desk-Mounted Broadcast Microphone Boom Stand
This sturdy mic-arm, by Gator Frameworks, rotates a full 360-degrees with minimal noise. It flat out rocks. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Cordyceps-M Peak Performance Capsules
Medicinal mushrooms are one of the most effective anti-inflammation protocols you can engage in. I swear by this brand, too. “Made using hand-picked and 100% cordyceps militaris mushroom extract, the Cordyceps-M from Real Mushrooms is a potent dietary supplement formulated to provide you with energy, vitality, and immune support. Taking two (2) vegan capsules a day is equivalent to consuming 10 grams of fresh mushrooms – giving you a sufficient dose of beneficial beta-glucans, triterpenes, and other nutrients.”

Die With Zero (Kindle)
Getting All You Can From Your Money And Your Life. Death, as you know (or if you read my post Tick… Tick…. Tick…) is everyone’s final destination. So what if you had a guide to living rich, instead of dying with a boat load of assets? In the author’s words: “Imagine if by the time you died, you did everything you were told to. You worked hard, saved your money, and looked forward to financial freedom when you retired.
The only thing you wasted along the way was . . . your life.

Questions? Comments about anything above?

If so, lay ’em on me below via the Comments section…

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