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matthew mcconaughey speech

If you’ve been reading my stuff consistently, like fellow WW subscriber Jabob Berezhinskiy (“Keep up the good work, I enjoy your style of writing, read almost every email that comes out! “), then you know something a bit weird about me:

Besides the fact that I just can’t seem to find a way to loathe Tom Cruise (yet I try – ref link), I also will admit to having a slight bromance for Matthew McConaughey.

Whether its his Texas home-spun authenticity, or just his knack of adding heart to his speeches (tied to a natural introspective energy about him), I can easily FEEL what he’s saying.

Especially when he’s passing along leveraged wisdom to younger generations.

Just what the hell is that?, you ask?

It’s raw insight, real-world observation of human nature. It’s shared in a way that no matter how old you are… you just will have an epiphany or two. Maybe it’s that you haven’t done a good enough job at simplifying things for yourself; maybe it’s an ‘ah-ha’ moment of ‘Oh, no shit. I needed to be reminded of that. I know that’s right but I haven’t been living it.’

That’s really the rub on passed down folk-wisdom and truisms like what you’ll hear below.

It keeps you in-check. It ups your game. It helps you see where you’re not being congruent. ‘Cause, truly Sparky, if you’re not living the Principles that you know will enhance your life, does knowing about them really matter?

I’ll let you decide AFTER watching this very well-made video:

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