H-U-M-A-N-S: The Rise of Self-Distraction!

distracted humans

If you’ve been reading my stuff for any length of time, and it hasn’t been crystal clear yet…

I don’t mince my words, nor quite give a flying rat’s ass, about the sensitivities held sacred by those who either A) don’t think critically and/or B) purposely choose to live life through the lens of victim-itis (i.e., a victim-hood consciousness).

A), of course, just means being lazy and succumbing to the mainstream narrative, without trying to understand any depth of context or to have any truths or facts BEYOND it.

B), of course, means a soul has chosen to stay disconnected from personal responsibility and intimacy; denying the value of their own dysfunctions and pain and, instead, ever-rationalizing their addictions and distractions away… those that keep them from designing a fulfilling, self-reliant life.

On Wednesday, June 3rd, I sent out an email [join my personal mailing list here] with the subject line of Wake the F*ck Up, America!

In it, I basically boiled down my message to:

In spite of the political and social ‘divide and conquer’ expression of discontent in America right now — including no matter who is to blame for it (whether legit racist white cops or deep state agents inciting such chaos) — we’re all just born from the innate desire to be good and live and let live.

That overarching philosophy is etched in the Libertarian mantra of “you do you; I’ll do me.”

But the idea that true diversity only happens when you honor other people’s space and autonomy to make their own choices… that, like bad medicine, can be hard for some to swallow.

Tilting at windmills, after all, obliterates the gateway drug of the social justice warrior. When an imaginary, sensationalized or characterized enemy can feed their addiction for self-distraction, why for shits sake would somebody so fearful of themselves not join in a fad-movement like toxic masculinity, or a subtler, prevailing personal battle of being born into color?

To anyone like a subscriber of mine who feels this way:

“No matter how I dress, how I speak, where I live, my level of education, my level of income …. Every so often I’ll be reminded that i am black and that white privilege does exist. And the shit is sooo subtle and orchestrated.”

Longtime subscriber

As a “privileged white male,” I’ll ask this:

If you feel you truly aren’t empowered to make choices specific to who you uniquely are (yes, that includes your skin color), then there’s an outside problem you don’t have full control over. Accept and get over it!

If, on the other hand, you know there’s nothing keeping you from the individual right to the fruits of your own labor (that, by the way, includes your right to your own personal growth efforts), then maybe ask yourself the following:

Am I using what is true and known, or what I can’t change anyway, as an ongoing excuse to live in mediocrity and/or not explore some perspective outside of what I’ve held near and dear to me… for years?

For instance, Joel Pate is a smart, young black man who isn’t sitting around with stinkin’ thinking about the bullshit narrative of Us (Black) vs Them (White).

Instead, he’s respecting the acceptance of the facts, of the truth that is:

That statically speaking, 94% of black people are killed by…yes… black people. And that police killings of unarmed black suspects are actually down over the past seven years.

And, Joel is adapting his life around it, instead of jumping on a bandwagon that doesn’t respect self-acceptance and the self-reliance to solve his own problems.

The same goes for commentator and political activist Candace Owens who, instead of using her color as a convenient excuse to feel unempowered, she is using it as a voice to be heard through grass-roots activism that promotes being a law-abiding citizen who is making a positive contribution to the world.

She, like I, doesn’t advocate for worshiping orchestrated causes and martyrs. No matter how despicable the act that caused the “event” to happen. Listen in here, to her, before you try and castrate me:

Many of my readers “got” my core message on Wednesday. Which, again, was all about accepting why, in spit of the disadvantageous perception of inequality and ignorance gone amok outside our individual worlds… collectively, we still don’t want to hate and despise one another.

Tom M. wrote: “Bravo!!! Thank you Barry!”

Victor C. wrote: “Brilliant email, succinct, to the point, easy to understand.”

Those are shared to edify, again, this message:

That irrespective of race, gender, religion or ideology…. most people (including my readers) want bountiful, uplifting, caring, and hopeful gestures for their fellow humans… along this short ride, called LIFE, we’re on.

We can either sit by idly and let newer generations stay ‘Young, Dumb and Broke,’ by railing against the wrong machine (the false flag events and psyche ops scripted out by The Deep State)…. or…

We can guide them to focus on what retired U.S. Navy SEAL commander, Jocko Willink tells a fantastic story about — i.e., how for a brief period, people fighting against each other, in a pivotal time in history, stopped the chaos and anger long enough to see each other as fellow H-U-M-A-N beings.

In summary: The more we can endorse and promote the key messages above, the more people will be awakened to just how nefarious and diabolical the “enemy” out there is.

And, truth be told, it is NOT your fellow man (or woman), nor your fellow brother (or sister)!

“In every real man… a child is hidden that wants to play.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche
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