Make a movie with Ridley Scott

Congrats, you’re invited too.

The same world-renowned director and producer known for iconic films such as Alien, Black Hawk Down and Blade Runner… wants you to join him.

As in NOW, as in today June 25th 2020.

Life In a Day will be a historic documentary, crowd-sourced film that captures a single day on Earth. Yup that day is, again, July 25th 2020.

All you have to do is show Mr. Scott, and his director Kevin Macdonald, what life looks like to you today. In their words:

Either your everyday routine, or something special that’s happening on that day. You can also film the people in your life, or capture the day of someone you find interesting.

As well as filming the day, Kevin Macdonald has asked everyone taking part to answer four questions:

What do you love?

What do you fear?

What would you like to change (either about your life or the world)?

What’s in your pocket?

Certainly this might give you a break from the more insidious, yet vital, questions that need answered ASAP. Er, oh… I don’t know… such as wondering, say for instance, who made Bill Gates the go-to authority on global health and immunization.

As Jeff Berwick put it, “the computer guy with no medical degree.” [ref: Meet Bill Gates]

But, I digress. Let’s look at a quick 2-min inspirational trailer, instead, about today’subject at hand:

Anyway, if you’d like to participate in this fun event, you can learn more here…

And here is where you upload your video snippets / clips:

How long should they be?

You can film as much or as little as you like: either snippets from throughout your day, or a singular moment or event. The Life in a Day website will allow you to upload multiple clips.

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