The Mask and The Boiling Frog

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Who has the BALLS to go first?

My holistic-minded friend, David King [fb post], is the one asking the questions today.

As in, when he’s asking if you’ll go first, what he really means is… will you adopt the same protocol he does?:

Wear a damn cloth muzzle all you want. But, simultaneously, make sure you know it’s my choice / right to NOT wear one.

Side note (for your shut-up-and-obey friends): There are laws protecting their right (your rights) to NOT wear a mask in public.

Small business owners across America — like the private gym owner friend of mine who feels antsy for having to tell his clients ‘at least put it around your neck in case an auditor comes in‘ — are armed and ready for YOU, yes you, to take yours off.

The sooner you do, the sooner those around you will follow. The transhumanism agenda is alive and real.

And, no doubt, collectively we can get past it by “standing the F_ck up” for what really matters [a quick Facebook audiogram explains...]

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