A 3-min ‘Flow State’ For Your Mind


Until I revive and fire back up Weekend Whats — i.e., my now dormant resource roundup newsletter — each Sunday I’ll try and commit to bringing something inspiring, or at least positively-useful, to your attention.

Today, I want to reiterate just how powerful these audios are. Whenever I desire to recharge and reignite my brain, they’re my #1 go-to tech tool.


Because they simply give me the time leverage I desire to anchor my attention… fassssst!

The beats, embedded within the .mp3s, give my ears a constant level of noise that blocks out any background sounds. From there, I can almost instantly clear the slate and start creating again… without the garbage that’s been left in my head from the prior week, or even day.

Once your mind is focused all you have to do is point it at something and it will produce the most productive work of your life.

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