THRIVE Movement, or The Greatest Con Job

As the decades have passed, I’ve learned (unexpectedly) to be more vigilant.

THRIVE movement

Whether it’s about my surroundings in a local grocery store or something further removed from my physical reality (oh, say how group-think can permeate into insanity via a social platform)…

…my awareness of *scams, scoundrels and suckers has, without question, increased.

Side note: For the *italicized catchphrase above, see my American Greed talk with my longtime business partner, Brad Weinman

Back in the day, we would simply just quip things like: Beware of how the ‘three bad B’s’ affect your livelihood; those being Bankers, Brokers and Bureaucrats.

That caution is still viable today; however, I realize without a key caveat it can come across as a crutch for victimitis (stinkin’) thinking; that being the furthest thing I want my fans and readers to presume.

That caveat is this: While it is absolutely true that, for many centuries, the world has been run by insiders with self-serving agendas — those that orchestrate events and psyche ops where human lives are pre-agreed as expendable, in their view, for the greater good — you still have resources to help you claim authority over your life… without having to get in bed with the Cabal.

If you’re pro-human and pro-freedom, where those two interests aren’t mutually-inclusive to lazily buying into what the “official” (concealed and often murky) story-line is, then you’ll want to take a peek at the trailer to THRIVE II:

The good news is that there IS a proliferating ‘wake up’ movement tied to the uncomfortable topics that the THRIVE team touches upon.

Due to the “suspicious global pandemic, economic collapse, divisive civil unrest, and political polarization, increasing authoritarianism, and international tensions,” [ref: Thrive], a greater percentage of once mind-numbed folks are starting to question things.

They’re starting to realize that there is no government out there coming to save them.

They’re beginning to accept that between the sickness and immortality of Pizza Gate… and… the rise of an unelected global health czar and population control advocate [Ref video], something nefarious is brewing-up behind the black curtain.

Everything has his own energy, including the “dark events” that are willfully put front ‘n center for the world to unbelievably accept as reality. [See The Great Reset, which is put out in plain sight, by the World Economic Forum, for all to see]

Yet, the level of energy I’m advocating for is a politically-agnostic one. One where we collectively promote the virtues in self-interests over authority outside ourselves as a go-to, can-solve-all solution.

As the THRIVE movement contributors make it plainly clear:

The most important energy that our world needs right now is to become unlatched from 2-dimensional views driven by a ‘pick a side’ mentality.

The goal here is to be courageous enough to start affecting change within YOU first. DO for yourself the things that make sense for YOU. Also to realize that, if you continue to accept whatever “T.V.” (mainstream group-think) tells you, your freedoms can be under serious involuntary control.

If you’re into making your own decisions and having the latitude and rights to “live and let live,” then I highly encourage you to pass this post on. Share it with your loved ones.

And, if you have yet to see THRIVE 1, here it is:

NOTE: The sequel, THRIVE II, will be released on September 26th, 2020, in 15 languages around the world.  Discounted pre-sales are already available and will revert to full price at the time of release

In ref to the title of this post, based upon an answer from THRIVE’s FAQ page, I’ll let you decide why I titled it the way I did:

We like to say that we are not conspiracy “theorists”, but conspiracy “analysts.” Anyone who doesn’t think there are conspiracies in the world is either mistaken about the definition of conspiracy or is grossly uninformed about proven historical fact.

The world is actually run mostly by cabals, cartels, alliances, secret societies, and government-protected corporations working in covert groups to shape the world to their benefit, at the expense of the rest of us. The evidence is everywhere. Here are 15 conspiracies that have been proven true, just as a starter.

A conspiracy is defined as “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.”

The term “conspiracy theory” was developed in a propaganda campaign by the CIA in 1963 to distract attention from the truth about who killed President Kennedy and why.

The Reichstag fire, the Gulf of Tonkin deception, Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, 911… the list of secret plots put into action to gain power, control, and money is quite far-reaching.

There are, of course, many conspiracy stories that are not true. It is important to identify reliable sources and also to consider the motives to make sense of the claims. This is where “follow the money” is a helpful tactic. The more we understand the less we are apt to be misled into giving up our freedoms and our lives to those with nefarious intent who believe our lives should be negotiated and controlled without our consent.

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