How To Stay Out of The “American Greed” Sand Trap

BEAR Talk – 003 (43:29)

I got my longtime business partner, Brad Weinman (co-founder M4 Research) on the phone to banter back ‘n forth about topics that fall under the MANAGE money bucket.

When you listen in, you’ll hear us talk about not being a scammers “sucker;” gullibility, prudent speculation practices, responsible mindsets, the trap of greed, plus much more…

Do you have your own perspectives and insight on this?
If so, comment away below….

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  • Mike Klaus says:

    I prefer reading to listening.

    • Barry Goss says:

      Mike, I hear ya. And, believe it not, I prefer WRITING to get key points across, more so than conversing about them. Yet, in the case above, it WARRANTED an interactive recorded dialogue between myself and Brad. Maybe in the near future, we’ll have it transcribed for those who only have the time and attention to read our commentary.

      Just know the former (reading) doesn’t preclude the value in LISTENING when and as needed. If you’d like to soak-in topics around greed, ill-served opportunities, and/or lessons learned from being in the trenches of speculation and alternative investments, then allow me to direct you to this M4 post (for starters):

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