What are you doing to pay the price for your freedom?

pay the price for freedom

If you and your closed loved ones are only even half-awake (I know you’re more than that), then you know 2020 has been the year where the stench of society’s collective “sewer” has gassed us all out.

As Marcellus, the guard in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, quipped: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark …”

I just sent our a year-end member-only email to M4 Insiders. In that email, I mentioned a NetFlixx Mockumentary (yes, that’s a real word) titled the Death of 2020.

Yes, that is the best thing about 2020.

However, as I also told M4i members, 2021 won’t be some calendar stand-in / proxy for a metaphorical light switch that magically makes things smell rosy and clean again.

What will, however, is taking self-reliant ownership of our own lives — such as using the little-known organizational tool I shared with members (one that saves me at least 10 hours a week while online) — while being super-vigilant about what is transpiring in the ‘outside’ world.

Look at that part of reality as a sector of the time-space continuum that you have no near-term control over; a duplicitous and EVIL place that will only turn on its head (flip EVIL and you get LIVE) once you’re part of the deeper-awareness of its existence.

Then once that awareness proliferates into the collective social-sphere of understanding, the dark entities/programs/agendas trying to hold us back… well… believe it or not, they fade away into the wind.

It’s that simple, because exposure is EVIL’s kryptonite.

Outside of ideological-driven propaganda; beyond the restricted and narrow walls of political philosophies, there are things ‘brewing in the background’ you at least have to be open-minded enough to explore.

Because, in the words of longtime publishing-industry colleague and fellow inquisitive researcher, Mike Dillard:

“If you are too afraid to [pull your head out of the sand…and] speak out, then they’ve already won. You have been intimidated into obedience, which is all they needed. Freedom is not free.”

So, if you want to know where this is all headed, here’s the ACTION STEPS I’m encouraging you to take over the next few days:

ACTION ITEM #1: Listen to Mike’s 57-minute interview with the Founder and former CEO of Overstock.com, Patrick Byrne. Titled American Treason, you’ll get a whole new perspective on why we’ve been at war, even when you didn’t even know we were in one.

ACTION ITEM #2: Watch Peter Joseph’s documentaryZeitgeist: Addendum. Published in 2010, this stuff is even more relevant today. And in the words of one viewer: “This shit has been going on over 2,000 years. It’s way bigger than America.”

ACTION ITEM #3: Watch Man In America’s 17-minute video, The Plot To Steal America. Please take off your ‘Trump’ or ‘Biden’ hat as you watch it. I didn’t vote for either (Why?). And, quite honestly, if you’ve already completed Action Item #1, you’ll understand why it just doesn’t matter.

After you expand your awareness, using the links above, now what?

What steps [to paraphrase the great Eric Post] will you make to ensure you’re full spiritually, healthy mentally, strong physically and educated fiscally?

Until next time…

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