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If you’ve been on my Bear’s Bulletin list for sometime, you may remember I used to send out a weekend digest.

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What I have today is another iteration of that — a slight reformatting to tie-in with my unscheduled Bears’ Bulletins (BB).

may keep up with these weekend link round ups.

It all depends on the feedback I get on this one.

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Side note: If you gave me a response to my “Who Are You?” question a few weeks ago, please know I haven’t forgotten about ya.

A post about that topic is coming next week.

Until then, let’s roll into these links..

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Tick… Tick… Tick…
On one dark and dreary night last week, via smoke filled skies in Southern Oregon, I let myself drift into a somber examination of Time. I wasn’t high (promise); still this piece examines if Time is really the ultimate form of wealth.


Rappoport Interviews God About N-OVID
The comments themselves, on this post, are worth the read alone. However, if you also have 100% conviction that there is something fishy going on ‘out there’ in ref to this ceaseless ‘viral bs,’ then read Jon’s parody about his conversation with The Man himself (err, herself for my proud female readers).

Natural Immunity For The Win
So few of us, seemingly, are willing to accept that a positive test result is not the same as an active infection. Daniel Horowtiz, via an op-ed from The Blaze Media, has already set the record straight (via 15 linked studies) about how a healthy immune system is the most durable and effective way to protect against SARS-CoV-2. However, click the bold headline above to check out Alex Berenson for a comprehensive explanation about why natural immunity works so, so, so damn well.


Heroes Burden (3:36)
Silver and Bronze star recipient John “Jocko” Willink, a retired US Navy SEAL, impassionedly riffs about the sacredness of each second, each breathe that he is given. In many ways, this motivational compilation syncs up perfectly with my “Tick, Tick, Tick” post that is linked at the top.

Texans Rally For Freedom (9:47)
If you engage in opposition to the N-OVID measures the sociopaths at the top have put in place; if you make a claim of election fraud, the DOJ in the “land of the free” will potentially label you as threatening the country. So, if you’d like to see what peaceful dissent looks like, check out Del Bigtree’s link above. It is heartfelt, honest and highly necessary for helping to unravel the mass-hypnosis (damn, that was a lot of H’s in one sentence).

The One Thing The Healthiest Diets All Share (11:17)
Human performance consultant Ben Greenfield explains why there is no one single diet that works best for everyone. However, there is one common factor which unites all of the healthiest blue zone diets. Linked above is a great clip from a longer conversation worth exploring.


iStorage Secure Encrypted Flashdrive
This PIN-authenticated hardware encrypted USB Flash Drive is the perfect solution to keep your date private. I even use it to keep some of my crypto keys on. Safeguard sensitive data with this convenient, portable solution.

Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder
If you’re not yet informed, or edge-ja-ma-cated, on the incredible health benefits of organic mushrooms, then first watch the Fantastic Fungi documentary. Then head to the bolded link above and order one of my favorite go-to products available on Amazon. Note: I add the powder to my drip coffee, but you can drink it by itself too.

How to Live a Good Life: A Guide to Choosing Your Personal Philosophy
Books that include the wisdom from multiple minds always give me more impact and “sizzle” to consider. This book flat out rocks. Peter Singer, author of The Most Good You Can Do, accurately describes it as “an excellent introduction to the field of philosophies of life.” He continues, “the editors have chosen contributors who are able to present the views they favor in a style that is not only clear and informative, but in many cases, entertaining as well.”


Whether it’s a family member, a colleague at a coffee shop, a friend on the phone, or groups of people getting together over cocktails, these are the TOPICS that have been bandied about lately:

Statism [i.e., Blue Pill People]: 
A mind that has an unending, all enduring faith and wholehearted support of government and authority, and its practice in our lives. In the words of JP Sears, “Those who choose blue to stay plugged into the matrix love to live in an unawakened state knowing they’re free to do as they’re told.”

Closely related to equality of outcome (opposite of equality of opportunity). This word describes indoctrination of the psyche involved in interdependence of (usually 100% codependence on) group success. Related to the COVID scam, collectivism sells you on the virtues of, essentially, co-parenting with governmental health authorities, in lieu of your family or family doctor(s).

Horizontal Income
If vertical-income is tied to a corporate structure where you are trading time for money (mostly and no matter how much money that is), then horizontal income (hat tip of Codie Sanchez for the term) would be multiple notches on the “income creation” spectrum. Brad and I already talked a lot about this 4 years ago (via The Legend of Automated Money); however, just know that there are very few business / income vehicles that will give you 100% hands-free cash-flow. But there ARE many that, once initially setup, require less and less of your time. I’m exploring this topic more and more. Resources & vehicles revealed to M4 Research members, as we uncover them.

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