Digital assets, underrated vacations, disease meme gone bad + more…

Labor Day honors labor and does so by allowing those who labor to take a day off.

But, wouldn’t if be nice if you didn’t need a sanctioned U.S. government holiday to find a reason — an excuse — to relax and enjoy life how and when you want?

There is Ying and Yang in everything we do and every situation we are in. Striving long-term for a future (potential) payoff is, of course, what American culture is all about.

The other side of the coin is the person who practices gratefulness in the present moment… as much as possible, at least.

It reminds me of the story of the Mexican Fisher and the Banker

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions while reading it; however, a wonderment from Yours truly is this:

What if the experience of YOU is all that’s truly alive and real?

Anything else, including the rat race, is apart of it; but ultimately nothing more (or less) than a bittersweet aspect of your own perspective based on your current limiting view.

Something to think about this weekend.

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How to Create Leverage Using Your Digital Assets
In this how-to post, you’ll learn about a unique crypto-credit to cashflow method, as well as one of my go-go platforms for Crypto tracking.

Yes… You Need One More Hero
This is technically a What I’ve (already) Written post, as it first originally appeared via the April 2016 M4 Insider member Journal. A blast from my past that I trust you gain value from as you read it.


Top Underrated Vacations
This is a list of 25 locations, across the world, that vacationers felt were highly underrated and blew away their expectations.

Bait and Switch
Ken McCarthy writes, “Bait and switch…It’s a low-life approach to business. And it’s how ‘public health’ is being conducted today. The latest twists and turns in the ‘safe and effective’ fraud and what you need to know to protect yourself and your family.”

World’s Richest Man’s Latest Bombshell

His first BOMBSHELL shook the retail industry and completely turned it upside down.

And now the man is targeting another $2 trillion industry with his latest BOMBSHELL.

It could bankrupt household name companies.

It could disrupt established industries…

It could make folks like you a fortune.

The fuse has already been lit… and on October 19  my colleagues believe he’ll reveal a few more details.

If you missed out on taking advantage of the Amazon success story… don’t miss out again.

Click here now

Disease Meme Gone Bad [Scan through the 190k+ comments]
Now, if there ever was a social-media post that went viral, due to Boobus Americanus rationale and extreme ‘Apples to Oranges’ comparisons, this one it is. Over 190K people have commented on this, including a tech colleague of mine, John Borelli, who responded with: Both those went through three years of trials and testing before becoming publicly used and neither of them were based on brand new untested technologies that no one had ever tried before.  They call this a false equivalency.” Click above to see what the fuss is about.

How People Improved Their Quality of Life
Claudia Dawson reports that a Reddit thread was started by asking, What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner?  “Someone suggested placing your phone on permanent ‘Do not Disturb’ only allowing calls from ‘Contacts’ — which would save me from a lot of spammers. Other life improving tips were: breathing exercises, buying a good kitchen knife, separate blankets in beds for couples, and buying a cart that will carry all your groceries from your car to inside in one trip.”


Tim, why is crypto, in comparison to equites, the most god-honest authentic chart-friendly market?  
Tim Knight, whom you can learn more about via Renegade Method #2, answered with:

I can answer that most colorfully by asking anyone reading this answer to go to YouTube and search for “Honda The Cog”. 
They will find there a two minute commercial from 2004 which, if they begin to watch it, they will be unable to stop, no matter how busy they think they are. The amazing, no-CGI commercial ends with Garrison Keillor asking: “Isn’t it nice when things just………work?” 
And that, dear people, is why I made a sea-change over to crypto, a financial space which I spent years deriding. The cold fact of the matter is that it is the one and only market left in which classical charting techniques still function. And why is that? Because crypto is……..hold your breath……….an actual MARKET.

And to anyone out there who points to the stock market and asks, “What about that?” I can only shake my head with anguished pity and wish you well in all your endeavors. 
Crypto is organic. Buyers and sellers. Supply and demand. Booms and busts. And no goddamned Jerome Hayden Powell. 
And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.


Man On a Wire – Trailer (3:36)
Speaking of Tim, according to him I’ve been missing out by not having already watched this 2008 indie movie-documentary. As he put, “I insist you watch it very soon because I am eager for you to say thank you, thank you, thank you Tim for that fine recommendation.”

Everything You Need To Know About An Airbnb business (24:03)
Me and my gal recently stayed in another Airbnd while on a 2-week vacation in SoCal. After seeing how strategic the owners operation was — which includes remote management and automation of key aspects of the entire check-in / check-out process — I started poking around the inter-web recently. And what I found is a super slick YouTube channel titled Robuilt (pronounced Raw-built). Everything you probably ever need to know about tiny homes, small homes and renting them out is there for your viewing.

Gone With The Wynns (latest episode: 27:59)
Having the opportunity to learn to sail, to even have my own catamaran one day, has always been at the top of my bucket list. So, both Nichole & I have fallen in extreme like with Jason and Nikki Wynn; a couple of perpetual travelers who have been sailing the south pacific for the last few years. There’s no doubt you’ll also become inspired by their sense of outside-the-box exploration and adventure.


The Great Resignation
“Employees. They are in migration. Like the wildebeests across the plains of Africa, I don’t know where they’re going but I do know… they are not staying static.

“Look at these statistics:

  • In April, more than 4 million employees quit their jobs, another 4 million did in June.
  • 56% of Gen Z workers said they were unhappy with the work-life balance at their job.
  • More than 9 million open positions exist.
  • 66% of Gen Z & 73% of millennials say they will switch jobs to get more control.
  • More than 60% of both groups want to find new jobs for a chance to work remotely.
  • Search for remote jobs is up 460%.”
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