“This is an e’ffing masterpiece!” (Part 1)

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“Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.”

 – Franscisco D’Anconia, Atlas Shrugged

Sadly, the sentiment in the blog title isn’t referring to my writing.

Nonetheless, let’s get into the drudgery first….

((I’ll discuss the badass quote in a minute. First a morose observation:))

We’re living in very, very treacherous times. It’s as if society at large is on a slippery slope into a den of thieves whose aim is to suck-out any last vestiges of free-minded thinking or self-interests.

As Concorda points out here, while we may not know who precisely is really running this sh*t-show (rock-solid proof is hard to dig up), at least history has given us clues how it always turns out for the soociopathic gaslighters whose sole aim is power and control.

Yes, knowingly, I’m on another emoting-rant that is serving my own ornery jollies (Eh, maybe yours too. Hard to say).

The question I often awaken to asking myself, close to the witching hour, is:

In an ever-increasing clinically-connected digital age — where the ‘behind-the-screen’ assessment of people, processes and product never really nails down facts and context —  how will we all work, live and collaborate together?

This metaphysical maven, Lori, say all it takes is a bit of namaste-esque compassion.

Well, okay… maybe… just maybe.

Let me get into a few stories before we adopt her solution:

On one dark blustery morning, in the lonely bowels of somebody’s basement, a sullen gal writes how a French cartoon skunk named Pepe LaPew is a womanizing beast (without morals or virtue). Of course social media, being what it is, spreads the sensational caricature around like wildfire.

The mob (also lonely with not a lot of stuff to do) latches on. It helps continue the completely insane discourse.  Can you hear it now? Looking back at some of the characters John Cusack played in the 80’s, I wonder if they were really repressed awe-wielding stalkers?

That’s right. It’s not just skunks who will get cancelled (poor Pepe didn’t get to return to the starting lineup in SpaceJam 2). 

As Jason Silva unintendedly points out in a beautiful Shot of Awe here, if we humans don’t rein-in our heart, drive and determination… those actionable virtues could mutate into a vice of ‘dependency’ whose greatest dark synonym is boisterous persistence.

((Again, Cusack and that damn boombox over the shoulder don’t have a chance in hell surviving in 2021))

One one steamy summer night, in the deep woods of Virginia, a black man who just doesn’t get (or accept) the poetic wordsmithing of a one Theador Seuss Geisel… well, for f*cks sake, he also goes to social media to complain and whine about this out of touch author.

Dr. Seuss’s stories, he reckons, are bloated with white supremacist culture. Maybe a handful of other people took umbrance as well because, now suddenly in 2021, his works need to be seen as “dehumanizing and degrading.” Buuuut, without this one enterprising man from Virginia there wouldn’t have been a rallying cry to jump on.

So, the cry gets louder and louder…. And… by golly Seuss’ book sales skyrocket to the moon (crap, that backfired).

On one rainy Sunday morning (continuing with my made-up ‘Whodunit’ theme), a bunch of bored PR people at the CIA are sitting around a table wondering how to spruce up their recruiting efforts in this bright new I-will-racially-identify-with-anything-I-damn-well-please culture.

After all, if there is somebody — yup the one or two lone wolves (okay maybe 10 or 20) with a loud enough howl — who self-identity as a “cisgender Millennial who’s been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional,” then stop the presses… let’s have an emergency PR meeting to discuss how to mollycoddle anyone, anyone at all, who may be offended by the very patriarchal ideals that have kept us safe for centuries.

Let’s blackwash the hell out of them in favor of a new religion of wokeness.

In the words of Simon Black, in ref to this highly unliked ‘Humans of CIA” video (note: the good news is that over 12,000 people hit the thumbs-down button):

“There you have it— the CIA’s new mission is not gathering and analyzing intelligence to defend the nation. It’s fighting back against the patriarchy. America’s enemies are shaking in their boots.”

– Simon Black

Last week, a long time sufferer of my word-sludge wrote in to plainly inform me:

“This article by you is offensive. I am now offended that you feel advancing racial equity is a useless pursuit.”

That was it. Nothing else. No explanation. No reasoning. No depth of inquiry. Just, “I am now offended that…”.

I responded by stating and asking her the following:

From my vantage points, it appears Biden’s out-of-the-gate Executive Order doesn’t incentivize rewards through individual achievement. Rather, it’s all about equality of outcome – i.e., pushing ‘sameness of results’ purely on race or cultural demographic versus focusing on ensuring an equal and fair playing field for all, where it’s okay if some get tackled before running for a touchdown and some… well… don’t and get the touchdown.

The freedom to excel beyond another is what ensures the survival of a constriction that isn’t washed in Marxist philosophy. 

By the way [to paraphrase Dr. Jordan Peterson], any pursuit of controversial expression requires, by proxy, the freedom to offend without consequence… other than the right for the  person offended to express discontent (or gripe).

In other words, do you think how a writer or speaker makes you feel, at any given moment, makes you entitled to something else?


“Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsy

At some point, those who are deeply stuck in a state of cognitive-dissonance — ie., new logic and considerations don’t sync with the worldview of the masters they outsourced their thinking to  — awaken to newness.

They explore and consider unconventional ways to think that are rooted in individuality and self-responsible reasoning. They start to see evidence, experiential usually, that goes against solely how they feel.

Like a toddler who has grown beyond reacting with a tantrum if they don’t get the response they think they were entitled to, these adults start to honor history as relevant. Including accepting and learning from their own personal behavioral history.

These lessons, centered around common sense and self-responsibility, start to refine their new identity, which gives them the courage and strength to take more red pills.

“You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

— Lilly Wachowski (The Matrix: The Shooting Script)

But, for many it is not an easy task to reject the status quo which attempts to convince them to keep the faith in the oversold (and tainted benefits) of Neoliberal Globalism. Making choices, and designing a life, around black and white ruling structures, history has shown, always comes at a major price: namely personal freedom and civil liberties.

What has the biggest payment (albeit the most uncomfortable): 

Staying plugged into the ‘institutional hierarchy’ that makes you dependent on a top-down regime of rules and mandates that have conditioned you to ask permission to take actions that serve your health and finances… or…. Detoxing from the mind-inflammation that is all around you?

I’ll leave you with that question for now.

Part 2 of this post is being constructed. There is so, so, so much more to reveal and share. Stay tuned.

Until then…

In order to give you the punchline of the title of this post… well… without further ado, here it is…

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