I Fought For You: A Powerful Tribute To Veterans

veterans day all who served

Only ONE day per year is dedicated to the sacrifices select men and women have made to this country, fighting for our freedom and democracy.

While I undoubtedly realize an ever-growing percentage of people take Veteran’s for granted, I truly hope the video below, I Fought For You, changes that.

Produced by The Sound Tank, it is a moving, patriotic tribute to our military, past and present.

This November 11th, Veteran’s Day, please take a moment to celebrate those who have served, are serving, or those who have loved ones who are making the ultimate commitment to our country.

Honoring the sacrifices made (whether in combat, war or during peace time) for our security, safety and freedom is the very foundation of THIS day.

To “those who gave some… AND… to those who gave all”… I SALUTE YOU!

I Fought For You

A select list of my favorite war movies:
Links to the trailers

War Horse
Act of Valor
12 Strong
Hacksaw Ridge
13 Hours
Midway (2019)

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