Moving to a better state? Or Overseas?

US freedom rankings

There’s three unique content pieces that have come into my sphere of awareness.

Like the interconnectedness of a butterflies’ wings, in one time-space medium, to a Hurricane forming elsewhere…

Somehow, someway, watching the new T.V. series 1883 (produced by famed producer Taylor Sheridan), last night, sparked a connection to Dave Rubin’s debriefing on “leaving California.”

Then, my own thoughts about to go where you’re treated best (a buzz phrase, lately, I realize), brought up a memory of an obscure motivational vid, called PAWN, by ex-Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willnik.

The latter of the three links basically gives a fervent push to be patriotic by staying in and being grateful for what the United States of America has to offer. Buuuut, the rub for me, also someone who fought for his country, is that Jocko’s points were all curated and expressed… 5 years ago!

I’ll let you decide how you think the three content pieces, linked above, all relate…

However, what I would mostly be interested to know, BELOW (Comments section), is… how do you feel about the current state of affairs in the U.S., as they relate to you staying here?

And if you have no plans to live overseas, are you moving to a better state? Or, have you already? Do you know a friend or loved on who has? If so, why?

Lay your thoughts on me, purty please, BELOW (Comments section).

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  • Tim Knight says:

    Well, even though I’m in California, which has no freedom, evidently, I’ll go first.

    The go-to country these days, among those who can afford it, appear to be New Zealand. I’m a weirdo, so I’m actually looking at Estonia. Although it’ll probably never happen. Still, I think the U.S. is pretty much over ‘n’ out, sooner or later.

    • Barry Goss says:

      I have a contact overseas, who lives in Estonia, who can assist with residency logistics there and a few other Baltic countries.

      In relation to this post, with my small personal-brand reach, where I imagine most are too shy to engage, we’ll see how it goes. 😉

  • Don Trippeer says:

    I’m in New York and can’t wait to escape. If the 2022 elections don’t go our way, I’m thinking of moving to the Canary Islands.

    • Barry Goss says:

      Interesting choice, Don. Never even heard of that locale come up as a ‘go to’ bolt-hole on any of the independent-living / sovereign / nomadish gurus’ radar.

      I’ll look further into it.

  • Rob says:

    Why would anyone want to leave the best country in the world? We’re protected by the Constitution that was made under God by “We the people”. We have 2A to keep our government in check. Estonia has a constitution that’s more about protecting the state and nothing about protecting individual liberties.

    Please convince me otherwise as I am young enough and have the means to relocate if needed.

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