Boobus Americanus

“Our whole practical government is grounded in mob psychology and the Boobus Americanus will follow any command that promises to make him safer.” – H.L. Mencken

In moments of head-shaking comical thought, sometimes I stop (like… say when I’m quietly pouring hot water over my coffee grounds) and think thoughts like:

“Damn, the propaganda machine is at the very top of their game. The Cabal (aka: the bankers and bureaucrats) behind the black curtain, smoking expensive cigars, of course, must be laughing their asses off.”

– or –

“I wonder if those who are beholden to the Electronic Income Reducer (i.e., mainstream news via the big screen) automatically pass on whatever the f**k IT says. Do they really feel those they perceive as ‘authority’ will keep them safe and protected, without their own efforts and responsibility?”

In short, I’m less concerned about my body catching bad health; less concerned about some “bionic” super-bug… and instead… more concerned about how the masses sift through and pass on information these days.

It reminds me of this lampooned take by this exchange:


Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump just declared a National Emergency.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, at least he’s no longer dismissing this as a hoax. Now is the time for strong leadership.

Sadly yes… those who disdain alternative media won’t quite “get” the sarcasm underlying the above patronizing parody. As I mentioned a few emails back [get on my list here…], it is very easy to be complacent in thought, to fall for delusions, in America.

H.L. Menchen would be amazed but not surprised at the levels of boobage we’ve gulped down since his death in 1956.

I was just on the phone yesterday with a friend and fellow critical-thinking researcher and writer, Roger Haeske.

Like me, it’s not some mass virus attack on a healthy demographic (i.e., most of us with a normalized immune system) he’s worried about.

Instead, it is being quarantined against your will.

If you know how to already take in and utilize a few key super immunity nutrients, how are you going to feel when your neighbors falls for the not leaving the house cure?

Some say the recent “National Emergency” declaration is just the beginning of a long indoctrinated push to accept an economic overhaul; a total worldwide reset of the financial system.

I’ll be sharing some links and resources about that idea tomorrow, via my Money Monday newsletter.

For now, maybe consider my basic plea:

 Be careful what you accept as the truth. And consider your sources.

– Your body has inherent protective measures in place. It’s that powerful.

 Yes, colds and the flu are absolutely contagious. The symptoms tied to them over the past few months, however, are not caused by some supposed zombie virus as the WHO and CDC would have you believe.

 But if you want to believe that, 100%, then maybe you’re the right candidate to at least ensure your own immune system is given what it needs to operate at its optimal level.

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