Two unique things…

Yesterday I was talking to a longtime colleague about one simple IDEA:

One way to ‘step up our game’ — to be a catalyst for positive influence in the lives around us — is to first start with those…well… around us (physically):

Our family, our closest friends, our local acquaintances.

These are the folks we can assist the most in a time where, ironically, distancing our selves will help the least… no matter what the TPTB (the Powers that Be) tell you.

For instance, you could just offer to deliver groceries to an elder family member who you assume is rightly being taken care of by others. Don’t assume. Ask.

For instance, you could go talk to your favorite combo Barista / waitress (like I did this morning) and ask her (or him) how she’s faring when both of her employers are shut down for 30 days.

Talk to somebody about what other sources of income they have and/or need to implement in their life.

Be a resource, be a connector, be somebody who disseminates alternative information; quality info that is NOT coming out of the talking heads from the go-to channels The Sheeple trust in (i.e., CNN, Fox, CNBC, etc).

Speaking of…

Even when I encouraged a freelancer I use to consider how this CV news BS may just be that (mostly BS), his response:

“It’s all in who you trust, I guess.”

That’s for sure. And, if you’ve been reading my stuff for any length of time, then you know I don’t just accept whatever mainstream “T.V.” tells me.

There’s usually something more going on behind the scenes.

That’s what friend and fellow researcher-in-arms, Dr. Terry Tillaart will be discussing tonight via his Public Service Webinar. The time isn’t yet set. But you’ll receive an email when it is, once you register above.

I courage you to register if you’ll like to hear his take on the myriad of agendas taking place in the background.

These agendas, if gone unchecked, will have a sobering snowball affect on business (especially small local brick ‘n mortar businesses), school systems and everyday activity throughout not only America, but the world.

Look, I’m not here to attempt to spread non-verifiable information. Instead, I’ll let Terry discuss where his facts come from. Just know that, a grand majority of what you’re being fed from the MSM isn’t verified either. It’s regurgitated.

I’ve already given out enough CV resources. Here and here.

So, if you want something uniquely different today, two things:

#1) Tonight’s webinar (link above) with Dr. Terry Tillaart, who has a PhD in natural medicine.

#2) Music that is designed to reduce the “noise” that you keep hearing all around you. These brainwave shots are what I continue to use daily, and have for over 5 years now. They reduce distraction and amp-up my connection to something much bigger than my limited mind. ;)

That’s it for today here.

However, sometime tomorrow, I’ll be giving our M4 Insider members a deep dive into some very profitable ways to grow their cash-flow in the current ‘social distancing’ environment.

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