The Age of Censorship… and… Cryptocurrency

age of censorship

The cool new kid in town is to jump on the ‘I-don’t-feel-good-because-of-XYZ” bandwagon.

Therefore, I shall anoint XYZ as a_____ (fill in the blank with some crybaby term that makes the childish mind… well… feel better).

Quick side-thought from Jim Breuer

The good news is… this level of thumb-sucking out of whack-ness is beginning to slingshot back to the very tainted and unreasonable organizations involved in the chicanery.

More and more independent-minded, liberty-loving people* are beginning to employ stop gaps in their lives.

Whether it’s community-driven meetups, preparing better for a rainy day, or unraveling from the traditional financial system…

The silent majority* (that is us. It just appears as if we’re not… because our focus is, well, on our own growth and family success) — the folks who aren’t waiting around for the Granny State to tell them how to live their lives — is starting to take more consistent action.

We’re not shunning new digital technology, we’re embracing it.

We’re understanding, with an ever vigilant view, that permissionless, peer-to-peer currency gives us leverage. It gives us a medium to be out of the cross hairs of centralized power brokers and out of touch bureaucrats.

As Pomp succinctly put it recently:

“Bitcoin is censorship-resistant money.”

And today I’d like to cajole you to learn much more about that, as well as many other nifty things, via my friend Chris Campbell’s co-authored book.

Yes, I have my copy. Proof here. ;)

The Age of Censorship

Now, where’s yours? [click picture above to get it]

Speaking of Chris, to stay on topic today, here’s an excerpt from an email he sent out yesterday (not part of the above book):

The New Narrative: Censorship

Censorship is already a hot topic in 2022.

The ongoing GoFundMe and Spotify sagas are just a couple causes.

Every tech platform is holding the handlebars tight… awaiting its “Freedom Convoy” or “Joe Rogan” moment.

Many companies will soon have to make a choice between appealing to those who want to censor vs. an emerging demographic that will push back.

Those that decide the latter, says Ippolito, “will need a strategy to onboard new customers who are ideologically aligned with the choice they made. Allowing customers to pay in Bitcoin seems like a good way to do that.”

And it’s not just companies…

Canada, for example, has just declared it will freeze bank accounts without court orders or civil liability. They propose using this tactic on truckers but, of course, it won’t stop there.

More worrying, talking heads on the news are calling for broader financial surveillance, censorship, and punishment to prevent future protests.

And yet…

A funny thing happened when Canada announced its “Terrorist Financing” rules, including crypto into the mix…

Bitcoin went up.

Could Ippolito be right?

Could censorship become the next narrative, driving the next wave of adoption?

Time will tell.

Whatever the next narrative becomes… we’re still bulls on Bitcoin.

In our Big Book of Cryptowe outline why Bitcoin could hit $1 million… and how it could get there.

[ End except from Chris Campbell ]

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