Freedom Convoy: just a bunch of troublesome misfit Canadians?

freedom convoy

I’m probably pissing off a handful of M4 Insider members who are also on my Bear’s Bulletins (BB) list.

After all, I’m supposed to be focusing on, and sending out today, Email #9 of our Crypto Resource Series.

(That’s still coming… and… yes, today. But, gosh damnit, there’s truly something in the world just a tad more important. So, please bear with me for a minute)

On the heels of yesterday’s post about the overreaching arm of what Tom Woods likes to call The Borg (and I’ve adopted it) — i.e., the big media, big tech, big university complex which loves to control what and how you say things — something bewildering & shocking has come to my attention:

If you are an independent-thinker, have a rabble rouser vibe, or have dissenting shared thoughts that go against the narratives of the centrally-planned government that is currently being put in place right in front of your face…

According to the recent advisory published Feb 7th by DHS — titled the “National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin” — you could be a dangerous contributor to terrorism against the United States.

In Monday’s advisory, it says…

“Widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19…”

Is the TYPE of speech which will “exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence.”

Maybe you think this is something amusing. Maybe you think it’s just a bunch of hyperbole, where they’re using old man Burns (Brandon) to get the message out.

Maybe. But in my opinion..

This is the single most direct assault on our constitutional rights that I’ve seen.

This is not, and never has been, about Koh-Vid or shots; it is part of the move to install a world dictatorship. The plandemic was just the starter pistol. (This 10-min clip should alarm you).

Get ready… because it is going to take all the fight everyone has to overcome this. I repeat, it is NOT about the virus, which is only a tool.

The Freedom Convoy Is What ‘We The People’ Resistance Means

Freedom Convoy

Now, over to Ken McCarthy to help expand on my cautionary appeal today:

Canadian “authorities” have been taking food, water, and fuel from truckers in Ottawa in an attempt to starve and freeze them out. The citizens of Ottawa have retaliated in a humorous, peaceful way.

Now I’m going to ask a hard question.

Canadians love their children and grandchildren.

Why don’t we?

Suicide attempts by teenaged girls are up 51% during the illegal lockdowns and bogus emergency decrees. How much clearer an indication of the suffering this madness has inflicted on our children do we need before we take action?

I’m sorry to say I see the vast majority of my profession sitting on their hands doing and saying nothing. I hope that will change – and soon.

We know the vaccines don’t work (specifically don’t stop infection or spread)…we know children are not and have never been at risk…we know the make-believe masks are a sinister joke…and we know children are suffering real harm from the masks, the insane measures being taken by the schools, and now the vaccines which the CDC/FDA’s own VAERS database documents is generating injury reports at a rate greater than any other vaccine in history.

What’s it going to take for us to say no to this monstrosity?

[ End excerpt from Ken ]

Ken provides two links:

Canada Protest – 4:11

Children’s Messages to the Freedom Convoy – 2:17

Yes… the sentiment, movement of citizens and push-back against fascism and a ‘government is all powerful’ ideology is inspiring to see.

However, just know that they (The Borg) are watching Canada.

They do not want to be caught unprepared like Trudeau was.

They are getting ready, setting the stage to shut the Freedom Convoy down. It is coming to a head. Mark my words.

Stay vigilant. And prepare yourself.

And, again….

Always remember: Freedom Isn’t Free!

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  • Barry Goss says:

    UPDATE (from Dave Rubin):

    Dave talks about the Freedom Convoy pushing Justin Trudeau into a corner. The truckers of the Freedom Convoy in Canada must be winning in their fight against vaccine mandates since Justin Trudeau appears to be pushed to the brink and the media has launched a laughable smear campaign calling it a national insurrection. Even Press Secretary Jen Psaki is trying to ignore the protests’ effect on the movement of goods across the US-Canada border.

  • Barry Goss says:

    [Reporting by Ken McCarthy] – Alaskans on the move:
    (wait to the 1-min mark for Ken’s quick commentary)

  • Barry Goss says:

    When a career military officer needs to put his neck on the line to coach politicians on human rights, not destroying countries, and the rule of law… you know that something has gone terribly wrong!

  • Barry Goss says:

    HERE, on Josh Long’s facebook feed, he asks:

    “Super curious if I know anyone who thinks the Canadian Truckers are in the wrong?”

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