The Young Global Leaders Program… Who’s in the elite club?

young global leaders program

French army officer and statesman Charles de Gaulle really didn’t like his fellow humans; especially those raised from birth to be “politicians.”

The leader of Free France in World War II was often heard amongst his closest of confidants uttering and murmuring about…

“If I have to know what my countrymen think, I’ll just ask myself.” (paraphrased)

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”

“In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.”

The thing is, in regards to the last quoted quip above… the elite, or the groomed and well-bred politician, doesn’t even pretend anymore. Subterfuge isn’t a thing these days.

Instead, they are straight-up, clear as the day is blue, showing off their psychopathy; putting their cards on the table now.

Mostly, me thinks, to gauge and assess how a sect of society will respond.

Of course, we just sit about and pass along historical stories, current cultural affairs, and shake our heads (sorta like I’m doing now as I write this).

However, some of us are fueled with a courageous and engaging desire to go deeper; to feed our innate quest for objective facts and verifiable truths.

One such fellow human going further down the rabbit hole is Kim Iversen. In my view, she’s one of the best outside-the-box thinking, independent journalists we have in this country.

Kim gets past the two-party narratives and doesn’t automatically toe the line in order to satiate her media “handlers.”

In this video report, you’ll hear her debrief viewers about the prestigious class of the Young Global Leaders program…

And she postulates how their groupthink may have led to the lockdowns.

Well worth your time to watch and listen in.

Editor’s Note: Speaking of the elite…

There’s not one living today that didn’t get a few of these set up at a very early age. It’s the best way, for you too, to privatize and protect your assets (ANY asset – big or small).

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  • Barry Goss says:

    In this very related video, Mark Moss asks…

    Are our governments and policy makers that we elect the ones that are actually in charge of laws and policies that get enforced onto us?

    OR, are there people hiding behind the curtains that are secretly controlling the actions of our governments all across the world?

    In this video, Mark break down all of this as well as:

    – Who is Klaus Schwabb and the WEF
    – Have our governments been taken over by NGOs like the WEF, UN and the WHO
    – What are the plans of these NGOs that we don’t get the choice to vote for

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