The Ukraine Russia “Conflict” Is Beyond Your Paygrade! Do this instead…

If there’s one redeeming virtuous quality about politics in general… it’s this:

It gives those with a SELF-ish bent on life… the upper hand.

Consider this for a minute: What if most of what you hear and see ‘out there’ in the world isn’t as it appears.

I’m not trying to get all Matrix-y on you. I’m asking you, simply, to understand a few things I’ve found to be wise over time:

+ Life, as viewed past any window that isn’t tied to our own choices and individual decisions, is pretty damn complex.

+ So, If we haven’t really first come to terms with the value in designing and managing a SELF-ish personal life — i.e., one where we’re focused, self-responsibility on what we can control and self-reliantly on what we need to do to be a more resilient, thriving human — should we allow ourselves to get distracted by…

+ Regaling our friends, family and social-media posse with our “expert” opinions about international armed conflict… or… soaking up precious time passing along rehashed half-truths and misinformation about Russian/Ukraine…. especially all over flakebook / Twitter / Instagram, etc?

Rhetorical questions there, huh?

What I’m trying to TL;DR you on is that, when it comes to what you hear, what you’re soaking up online, what soundbites and clips you’re passing along… just know there’s always more to the story.

You’re only going to get what They want you get. Can you accept we’re just pawns to Them?

And, in relation to the Ukraine situation, you probably don’t even know what you don’t know. Same here.

Sure, as a critical-thinking community, we get that the west is weakening; that our once cherished American empire is dwindling into a sappy mush-ball driven by beta-boys and those groomed to cancel national pride and normalize us into a ONE WORLD hive-mind.

We can distract ourselves from being entrepreneurs and investors all day. We can enjoy listening to Shapiro talk about missing context in speech. We can sit around a fire with our colleagues talking about the Fourth Turning (cigar please). We can even play military-buff armchair quarterback and monitor live movement of Russian military forces.

But, if you get lost in it…

If you stew in geopolitical history…

If you find yourself being fascinated by political-players way beyond your pay grade (especially those who were appointed to be… well.. Who they are – hint: you’re not in the club)…

At the end of the day…

What has that done for your bottom-line?

Your personal life pursuits?

Your family’s finances and cashflow?

Probably jack-squat!

Too harsh?

Ok then then, let’s ramp it up with sentiment from one of your fellow BB readers, Franco Gonzales:

“Best thing you can do is work on yourself and your situation. Learn to create your own cash flow so you’re not dependent on and begging your new baby daddy (government) for scraps…

“So instead of ‘waking’ people up to what’s really going on, I just focus on keeping myself as awake, healthy, fit and free as I can so I don’t have to operate inside the blue pill cage of ‘society’ most have to deal with…It is what it is…Let it burn… just don’t burn with it. Peace, quiet, profits and freedom.”

For anybody under 30, I expand on that HERE and HERE.

For anybody over 45, I expand on that HERE and HERE.
(For those of you into more harrowing stuff, igniting perspectives about Time & Death, then HERE too)

Ukraine Russia

I realize you’re already a smart, independent-minded, driven cookie with a hard outer shell.

Otherwise, you would have unsubscribed a long time ago (side note: if you send your friends to my subscribe page, they’ll be prewarned.)

My reminder today is simply this:

Even for the best of us (me included), denial-[nile], isn’t just a river in Egypt. Yet, it still can run wild throughout the hearts & minds of those absentmindedly in unconscious programming mode.

To paraphrase the humor columnist Dave Barry, if you find yourself being shockedsaddened or dismayed by what “T.V.” tells you…

Turn it off (whatever it represents “T.V.”)!

Go outside, take a walk in nature, do some deep breathing and then, and only then, snap back into a digital world of glutenous news and minute-by-minute extraneous information.

Nothing wrong with content-consumption. Please just do it this way:

Quality over quantity!

Yes, there are powerful undercurrents in life; those which can effectively cause us to perceive thru a narrow lens.

But, if we’re not first vigilant with ourselves, our own lifestyle-design and choices, we could fail to see what might be really occurring just inside our little comfortable box*.

* = A place that, more often than not, we might consider being okay with staying in. I gritted my teeth when writing that. But, in the context of what I’ve written about here, it’s a valuable place to be.

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